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Work with the best factoring companies to improve your cash flow today. Accounts receivable factoring works for any business.  If you’re just starting up or growing quickly and could benefit from some extra capital, factoring companies provide a simple and straightforward financing solution.

Not every customer pays on time. Customers that pay slowly can hurt your business cash flow. Factoring companies help you get paid within 24 hours by purchasing your outstanding receivables. Instead of dealing with loans, you can sell your accounts receivable and receive an immediate advance. There’s no debt to repay when you work with a factoring company.

If your company has outstanding receivables, you can get funding.

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Factoring Companies

Get the Cash to Support Your Growing Business.

Turning your invoices into cash is easier than you think. Why let slow paying customers inhibit you from being as successful as you should be? Accounts receivable factoring can open new doors for your company by getting you the working capital you need–TODAY.Learn More
Approval in 3-5 business days. Cash in your account in 24 hours. Simple as that.

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If you’re a B2B company that sells to other companies on credit, we can buy your open and outstanding invoices. Staffing, trucking, medical, manufacturing etc. — we’ll find a factor for you.
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We want to help you, not hold you back. Flexible rates and custom programs for your specific business is our specialty. There are no minimums or maximums you have to factor. You’re the boss–you decide!

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    Owning a business can be exceptionally rewarding, but extremely challenging at the same time. Lack of cash flow can paralyze a small business; slowing down potential growth and prohibiting everyday operations. If your company is searching for more working capital, receivable factoring companies offer a comprehensive solution to solve any of your financial struggles. By treating your receivables as sellable assets, you gain the funds and confidence you need in order to succeed.

    Invoice factoring lets you regain complete control over your business—no more waiting for customers to pay their outstanding invoices. Invoice factoring is for businesses of all shapes and sizes in almost any industry. Because it’s not a traditional lending source, invoice factoring gives you freedom from high interest rates and even more debt.

    Other benefits of working with factoring companies:

    • Funding is fast–usually within 24 hours
    • Factoring is for businesses in various industries–programs are personalized and flexible
    • Low interest rates and no set up fee
    • No long term contract required
    • Back office support available
    • Ability to take advantage of discounts for early payment from vendors
    • No hidden fees 
    • Credit checks on your customers only

    Factoring your invoices might be the answer you’ve been looking for. It has the potential to unlock opportunities for your business that you didn’t even know existed.

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